Call for Papers

Unlocking the Vikings: Norse and Viking Cultures in the Twenty-first Century

We are pleased to announce a CALL FOR PAPERS for an interdisciplinary conference to be held at the University of Nottingham on 28-29 June 2014.

 The conference will mark the conclusion of the cross-institution AHRC Collaborative Skills Development Programme known as Languages, Myths and Finds. This programme brings together graduate students and full-time researchers from across the UK and Ireland to explore the translation of Norse and Viking cultures into the modern day. Participants will be working with local partners in five communities with Norse heritage: the Isle of Lewis, Cleveland, the Isle of Man, Dublin and Munster (Cork and Waterford). By collaborating with local schools, museums, historical societies and tourist organisations, the scheme aims to inspire greater public engagement with the Viking heritage of various locales.

 Participants will also draw on the work of the British Museum and its upcoming ‘Vikings: Life and Legend’ exhibition as part of their engagement with local communities.

 The closing conference in Nottingham seeks to foster a similar sense of communal interaction and will be open to all. Papers are invited on any aspect of public engagement with Norse and Viking Cultures, and should be disseminated in appealing and accessible forms. Since the conference places emphasis on engagement and accessibility, compelling and interactive papers are actively encouraged. Presentations should not be restricted to academic commentary. We welcome alternative projects including posters, performances and workshops.  Do get in touch with any ideas for other activities that might be pursued.

Papers should be no more than 20 minutes long and are welcome from members of the public as well as students and full-time researchers.

Please send abstracts of 200 words to conference organiser Judith Jesch at

Deadline for abstracts: 1 March 2014

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LMF Workshop in Cambridge, 6-9 January 2014


Main Venue: English Faculty Building, 9 West Road, Cambridge CB3 9DP

Monday 6th January: English Faculty Building

2 pm: Welcome / Registration

2.30–3.00 pm: ECR report on Dublin – Rebecca Boyd and Elizabeth Rowe

3.00–3.30 pm: ECR report on Cork – Tom Birkett and Christina Lee


4.004.30 pm: ECR report on the Isle of Man – Leszek Gardela and Carolyne Larrington

4.305.00 pm: ECR report on the Hebrides – Brittany Schorn and Judy Quinn

5.005.30 pm: ECR report on Northeast England – Pragya Vohra and Heather O’Donoghue

5.306.0 pm: LMF social media – Erin Goeres

Teams meet separately for dinner


Tuesday 7th January: English Faculty Building

10–11.30 am: Language workshop on runic inscriptions (Prof. Judith Jesch, University of Nottingham)


12–1 pm: Finds lecture on sculpture (Dr Lesley Abrams, Oxford University)

Sandwich Lunch (provided)

2.00–3.30 pm: Language workshop on place-names (Dr Jayne Carroll, University of Nottingham)


4.005:00 pm: Language lecture on Celtic languages in Viking Britain (Dr Máire Ní Mhaonaigh, University of Cambridge)

6:30pm: Movie night with pizza for PhD students


Wednesday 8th January: Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, FitzWilliam Museum, English Faculty Building

10.00 am–12:45pm:Parallel Find Workshops (Dr Helen Geake and Dr Rory Naismith, University of Cambridge)

Sandwich Lunch in the English Faculty Building (provided)

1.303.30 pm: Finds workshop on coins; lecture about the Viking Exhibit (Gareth Williams, British Museum)


4.005:30 pm: Myth lecture and workshop (Dr Judy Quinn, University of Cambridge, and Dr Carolyne Larrington, Oxford University)

Workshop Dinner: 7 for 7:30 pm at Newnham College


Thursday 9th January: English Faculty Building

9.30–11.00 am: ECRs meet with their groups to discuss BM visit and field trip arrangements

Coffee (prefaced by closing remarks to the entire group)

11.30 am –1.00 pm: Consultation Sessions (sign-up sheets will be circulated during the week)


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Thank you for your applications

Applications to take part in this programme are now closed. Thank you to everyone who applied!

Please follow the blog as teams head out to communities around the UK and Ireland to explore the legacy of Norse heritage in the twenty-first century.

CL and L

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Invitation to apply

LMF is inviting applications from PhD students to take part in this programme. Please note that you should be available to attend the following events:

  • 6-9 January: Planning workshop at the University of Cambridge
  • 28 March: Visit to the ‘Vikings: Life and Legend’ exhibition at the British Museum
  • 28-29 June: Final conference at the University of Nottingham

In addition to this, participants must be available to visit one of the five UK or Irish locations during the Easter vacation.

The application form is available for download below.  Please email completed forms to Erin Goeres ( by 31 October, 2013.

Information for Applicants

PhD Application Form





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