The Vikings in Munster,ed. Tom Birkett and Christina Lee

Click on the link above for a pdf of the booklet produced by the Munster team.


Ireland’s relationship with the Viking past has traditionally been fraught with difficulty, but in recent years the contribution of the Vikings to Irish history has increasingly been recognised. Whereas in some areas there is already a great deal of integration of the Vikings into museums and heritage trails (such as in Waterford, which we will visit on this occasion), other areas such as Cork are just starting to explore their Viking past. This is a unique opportunity to shape this new interest in Viking heritage in Munster and to work with a variety of stakeholders including schools and heritage managers to develop the future translation of Viking heritage in Ireland. A field trip to the successful ‘Viking Waterford’ development and a meeting with the Director of the Waterford Museums will show the possibilities for heritage development, and the team will have the opportunity to draw on the expertise of heritage professionals and distinguished academics in the production of a booklet on Viking Munster and workshop for local schools. Students will also learn about conservation, heritage management and public engagement in one of the most picturesque parts of Ireland. We will give you guided reading at the meeting in Cambridge, and supervision by Dr Birkett who is based locally (at UCC) and Dr Lee (Nottingham University) who has worked closely on translating heritage.



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