Results and Conference

Languages, Myths and Find Booklets

Each of the five teams in the project has produced a booklet for their locality. These are now also available online as pdfs – please go to the relevant page for each locality, using the menu above, and there you can download the booklets. You can also download all five from this blog post.

Unlocking the Vikings: Norse and Viking Cultures in the Twenty-first Century

The final conference of the Languages, Myths and Finds Project will take place on 28-29 June 2014 at Cavendish Hall, the University of Nottingham. The conference will mark the conclusion of the cross-institution AHRC Collaborative Skills Development Programme known as Languages, Myths and Finds. This programme brings together graduate students and full-time researchers from across the UK and Ireland to explore the translation of Norse and Viking cultures into the modern day. Participants are working with local partners in five communities with Norse heritage: the Isle of Lewis, Cleveland, the Isle of Man, Dublin and Munster (Cork and Waterford). By collaborating with local schools, museums, historical societies and tourist organisations, the scheme aims to inspire greater public engagement with the Viking heritage of various localities. Participants will also draw on the work of the British Museum and its ‘Vikings: Life and Legend’ exhibition as part of their engagement with local communities. Do follow the project on Twitter, @LanguagesMyths, or watch this video on YouTube.

The closing conference in Nottingham seeks to foster a similar sense of communal interaction and will be open to all. The conference itself will be free of charge, however you will need to register for it so we have an idea of numbers. Delegates who wish to attend both days will have the option of paying £25 for dinner and/or £45 for bed and breakfast on Saturday the 28th June.

To register, please follow this link.

Keynote speaker: Edmund Southworth (Manx National Heritage): Norse, Celt or English? The view from the Isle of Man


Papers and workshops:

Tom Birkett: Coming to a harbour near you! The Sea Stallion from Glendalough and heritage in motion

James Crawford: The Evolution of the Outer Hebridean blackhouse

Ruarigh Dale: ‘A frothing madman with a blade’: Depictions of berserkir in modern fiction

Thor Ewing: Riddle Gestumblindi: Viking myths and music

Leszek Gardeła: Vikings reborn: Facets of early medieval reenactment in contemporary Poland

Jane Harrison: Where are the Vikings in Cleveland?

Genevieve Hopkins: The position of the valkyrie in the Young Adult literary genre

Mark Kirwan: Who cares about the Vikings? Perception of the Viking Age and the people who have studied it

Christina Lee: Wikingertage, Wicky the Viking and Wotan’s Fluch: Vikings in German popular culture

Victoria Whitworth: First catch your Viking: Creating norse narratives for a twenty-first century audience


Languages, Myths and Finds Presentations:

There will also be presentations from the five teams (Cleveland, Cork, Dublin, Isle of Lewis, Isle of Man) about their work on the project (details to follow).


Download the posters, programme and abstracts (both pdf) using the links below:

Southworth Public Lecture poster








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