The Vikings in Lewis, ed. Brittany Schorn and Judy Quinn

Click on the link above for a pdf of the booklet produced by the Hebrides team.


Despite the fame of the Lewis Chessmen and the abundance of place-names showing the impact of Old Norse Hebrides3culture in the islands, the dominant identification among people of the Outer Hebrides today is clearly oriented towards Gaelic culture. This is in marked contrast with other Scottish island communities such as the Orkneys. However, with the return of six chessmen to Lewis and the opening of a new museum in Stornoway, there has never been a better time to engage the interest of the local population in the Viking heritage of their islands. Our collaborators on Lewis include an archaeologist, a museum curator at Museum nan Eilean, volunteers at the Uig Community museum (near where the chessmen were found) and local school children.  Accommodation will be at a beach on the west coast in a traditional blackhouse: a form of building reminiscent of a Viking longhouse. The group will be fully briefed and resources shared at our meeting in January, which will be led by Judy Quinn (Cambridge) and Brittany Schorn (Oxford).



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