Project Coordination


Professor Judith Jesch, University of Nottingham



DSCF7504Dr Erin Goeres, University College London





DSCF7526Dr Heather O’Donoghue, University of Oxford



Dr Pragya Vohra, Aberystwyth UniversityDSCF7506



PhD students:

Jane Harrison, University of OxfordDSCF7534



Joanne Shortt Butler, University of CambridgeDSCF7536



Nikolas Gunn, University of YorkDSCF7509



Eleanor Rye, University of NottinghamDSCF7533





Dr Elizabeth Ashman Rowe, University of Cambridge ear




Dr Rebecca BoydDSCF7518



PhD students:

Rosie Bonté, University of CambridgeDSCF7522



Gareth Evans, University of OxfordDSCF7527



Eleanor Jackson, University of YorkDSCF7508



Maria Ramandi, University of CambridgeDSCF7517





Dr Judy Quinn, University of Cambridge DSCF7523



Dr Brittany Schorn, University of OxfordDSCF7530



PhD students:

Michael Hart, University of OxfordDSCF7529



Patrycja Kupiec, University of AberdeenDSCF7516



David Etheridge, University of BristolDSCF7538



Eleanor Heans-Glogowska, University of CambridgeDSCF7521



Isle of Man


Dr Carolyne Larrington, University of Oxford DSCF7531



Dr Leszek Gardela, University of RzeszówDSCF7511



PhD students:

Aya Van Renterghem, University of NottinghamDSCF7520



Timothy Bourns, University of OxfordDSCF7507



Brian McMahon, University of OxfordDSCF7515



Heidi Stoner, University of YorkDSCF7505





Dr Christina Lee, University of Nottingham DSCF7532



Dr Tom Birkett, University College CorkDSCF7503



PhD students:

Rachel Backa, University of AberdeenDSCF7514



Mark Kirwan, University College DublinDSCF7512



Alexander Wilson, University of DurhamDSCF7510



Annemari Ferreira, University of OxfordDSCF7528






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