Languages, Myths and Finds Booklets now Online

As the Languages, Myths and Finds project draws to a close, we gather in Nottingham for the final conference. The booklets produced by the five teams will be launched at this conference, but you can also download them here:

Viking Myths and Rituals on the Isle of Man, ed. Leszek Gardeła and Carolyne Larrington

The Vikings in Lewis, ed. Brittany Schorn and Judy Quinn

The Vikings in Munster,ed. Tom Birkett and Christina Lee

The Vikings in Cleveland, ed. Heather O’Donoghue and Pragya Vohra

Viking Age Dublin: Walking Tour and Activity Book, by Rosalind Bonté, Eleanor Jackson, Maria Teresa Ramandi, Elizabeth Ashman Rowe, Rebecca Boyd and Erin Goeres.



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