LMF Workshop in Cambridge, 6-9 January 2014


Main Venue: English Faculty Building, 9 West Road, Cambridge CB3 9DP

Monday 6th January: English Faculty Building

2 pm: Welcome / Registration

2.30–3.00 pm: ECR report on Dublin – Rebecca Boyd and Elizabeth Rowe

3.00–3.30 pm: ECR report on Cork – Tom Birkett and Christina Lee


4.004.30 pm: ECR report on the Isle of Man – Leszek Gardela and Carolyne Larrington

4.305.00 pm: ECR report on the Hebrides – Brittany Schorn and Judy Quinn

5.005.30 pm: ECR report on Northeast England – Pragya Vohra and Heather O’Donoghue

5.306.0 pm: LMF social media – Erin Goeres

Teams meet separately for dinner


Tuesday 7th January: English Faculty Building

10–11.30 am: Language workshop on runic inscriptions (Prof. Judith Jesch, University of Nottingham)


12–1 pm: Finds lecture on sculpture (Dr Lesley Abrams, Oxford University)

Sandwich Lunch (provided)

2.00–3.30 pm: Language workshop on place-names (Dr Jayne Carroll, University of Nottingham)


4.005:00 pm: Language lecture on Celtic languages in Viking Britain (Dr Máire Ní Mhaonaigh, University of Cambridge)

6:30pm: Movie night with pizza for PhD students


Wednesday 8th January: Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, FitzWilliam Museum, English Faculty Building

10.00 am–12:45pm:Parallel Find Workshops (Dr Helen Geake and Dr Rory Naismith, University of Cambridge)

Sandwich Lunch in the English Faculty Building (provided)

1.303.30 pm: Finds workshop on coins; lecture about the Viking Exhibit (Gareth Williams, British Museum)


4.005:30 pm: Myth lecture and workshop (Dr Judy Quinn, University of Cambridge, and Dr Carolyne Larrington, Oxford University)

Workshop Dinner: 7 for 7:30 pm at Newnham College


Thursday 9th January: English Faculty Building

9.30–11.00 am: ECRs meet with their groups to discuss BM visit and field trip arrangements

Coffee (prefaced by closing remarks to the entire group)

11.30 am –1.00 pm: Consultation Sessions (sign-up sheets will be circulated during the week)



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